वे गोरे नवाब

(यह  लेख  टाइम्स  ऑफ  इंडिया   के  1968  के  वार्षिक  अंक  में  प्रकाशित  श्री  आर. पी.  गुप्ता  लिखित    ‘The Nabobs and Their Servants’  पर  आधारित  है.) कभी  ‘सोने  की  चिड़िया’  कहलाने  वाला  हिन्दुस्तान  विभिन्न  शासकों  की  आपसी  लड़ाई  के  कारण  उस  ईस्ट  इंडिया  कंपनी  के  आधीन  हो  गया  जो  सत्रहवीं  शताब्दी  के  प्रारंभ  में  … Continue reading वे गोरे नवाब

Ariel plays a prank

It has been a long time since I wrote and published. There was nothing to write about. There is no pleasure in writing about routine, which my life has been these last few months. Writing about routine is dull and pleases neither the author nor the reader. Too boring to write about the days the … Continue reading Ariel plays a prank

Shahjahanabad, the seventh city of Delhi

We; a group of a dozen brothers, sisters, cousins and their spouses; boarded the Metro at Patel Chowk and disembarked a few minutes later at Chawri Bazar. Stepping out of the state-of-the-art station we landed in a bedlam of motor cars, auto-rickshaws, peddle-rickshaws, bicycles, pushcarts and pedestrians, to say nothing of the stray dogs and […]

Galle, Sri Lanka

The Flower Garden Hotel, Galle is hidden behind other properties surrounding it and can be reached only after negotiating a busy narrow street with small shops and eating places on both sides adding to the confusion. In spite of its nondescript approach, the hotel turned out to be best we stayed in during our sojourn … Continue reading Galle, Sri Lanka