Bunda Pahalwan

I was first published almost 65 years ago in the Hindi magazine ‘Dharmayug’. The magazine ran a column called ‘Ek Din Ki Baat’ and I contributed two very small pieces to it. I earned the princely sums of Rs.5/- and Rs.3/- for them. This has been the only income so far from my literary career. I did contribute an article on rose growing to ‘Femina’ way back in late 1950s without getting paid for it. I did not write anything till last year when I finally stopped working for money. I found myself with more time than I knew what to do with.

Pramiti, my daughter, was used to hearing small anecdotes from my life and found them interesting. Resisting Alka my wife, and Pramiti who pestered me pen my experiences was tough but I managed it. I was no writer, I said. You know how one’s wife and daughter are. They refused to take no for an answer. I had an interesting way of narrating small nothings, they insisted. All I had to do was to write the way I narrate, they insisted. I continued to resist.

It was in August last year when Pramiti, my daughter, introduced me to the world of blogging. In fact, she created the site for me and literally forced me to write. I started writing only to keep myself occupied. Pramiti would post my writing on the site.

This morning, Alka triumphantly placed the New Indian Express – open at the appropriate place – in front of me. Lo! My piece was staring at me in print.


New Indian Express 19.07.2107

Without telling me she had mailed it to the paper.











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