I was working in Bombay (now Mumbai) till 1980 and frequently visited Pune where my brother was posted. Yet, strangely, never visited Mahabaleshwar a small hill town located in the evergreen Sahayadri range, a mere 120 kilometres from Pune. I relocated to Delhi and, being too occupied with work, could not travel as frequently as I would have wished. Last June my daughter blackmailed me into stopping work and in August, having tied up loose ends, I and wife were able to travel to Bangalore (now Bengaluru) and Pune. Once in Pune, I reminded my brother of our long pending Mahabaleshwar visit. He acquiesced and, one fine early morning, the three of us made a dash to Mahabaleshwar returning the same evening.

Because of its beautiful clime, it found favour with the British rulers who visited the small town in hordes and soon Mahabaleshwar became a popular hill station. During the British Raj, it served as the summer capital of Bombay province. The Governor’s residence is now known as Raj Bhawan where the governor stays whenever he visits Mahabaleshwar.

The following photographs are the product of our flying trip.






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