Gurmehar Kaur is neither pro-Pakistan nor anti-national. She is only anti-war, a pacifist. The statement, which should have been considered in the spirit I believe it was made in, has been exploited by all political parties including the ruling BJP and blown out of proportion by the TRP hungry media. It is true that Pakistan perpetrated the war that killed her father, Captain Mandeep Singh. It is also true that her father would not have been killed had there been no war. The threats to kill Gurmehar Kaur or to rape her only bring to light, once again, the dirty and intolerant minds of our country’s so called future.

The right to freedom of speech in our country appears to be selective. Umar Khalid is not anti-India when he says ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, insha allah, insha allah. . . . . . . . . Bandook ke bal par lenge azadi. Bharat ki barbadi tak jang rahegi (God willing, India will disintegrate. . . . . . . . . We will use guns to attain freedom; will continue to fight till India is finished). Yet Gurmehar Kaur is labeled pro-Pakistan when she say ‘Pakistan did not kill my dad. War did’.

Are the people waving Pakistani or ISIS flags and pelting stones at troops fighting the terrorists in Kashmir pro-Indian and patriots? Should they not be shot at sight? We expected our leaders, irrespective of their political affiliations, to endorse and support the Army Chief when he warned those who wave Pak/ISIS flags and pelt stones at our forces fighting the terrorists. Instead they condemned his statement and shouted themselves hoarse in defense of these anti-national elements. Should they not be prosecuted for sedition?

To what depth will our politicians sink in their ambition to grab and retain power? As the campaigning in the ongoing state elections show, the level of politicking in India, never high, has sunk, and is still sinking to new depths every day. Instead of educating the voter in the ways and means of making life, and in turn the country prosperous, freebies are offered, thus killing enterprise and the will to work. A nation cannot prosper unless its citizens prosper. And the citizens will not prosper if you give them free wheat, rice or free laptops and mobiles. They prosper only if they work, and work hard, to get these.

Not a day passes without top leaders from all political parties mocking one another and making frivolous remarks which are not even witty. They only leave one wondering about the level of their intellect. Every leader, across party lines, is guilty of frivolity and few, if any, are serious about making the nation prosperous.

Dear leaders you exhort us to be proud Indians. Give us a reason to be proud, sirs. Till then we hang our heads in shame.



  1. pramitib says:

    What can you expect in a country where to be a peon you need to 8th pass but can be totally illiterate to become Chief Ministers, Chief Ministers etc.? I am deeply sadden by the state to which these people have reduced India. It brings tears to my eyes. But people like you and me are a minuscule minority and that is the ill fate of this country. India is indeed blessed by nature and cursed by man. 😦


    • taureansite says:

      Apathy of educated people and so called intelligentsia is what depresses me. I genuinely regret to say that I have changed my view about the future of our country. The future appears to be dark.


      • renubrij59 says:

        What surprises me is the inability of people to be rational and logical. Poor Gurmehar Kaur ….to be hounded like this over an innocent statement is so unfair. I think this is the result of the 24×7 news cycle where the media wants to sensationalize every news item whether it is warranted or not and politicians fan the flames for their own interests.


  2. Alka Bhatnagar says:

    I totally agree that the quality of our politicians have gone very low and they are taking our country to gutters


  3. Prankies says:

    Very truly said sir! What i find disturbing is that the people who are expected to be rational and logical by virtue of their education too are blabbering such uncouth statements without shame, also the level of acceptance of conflicting views have gone down to an alarming level.
    The politicians are more or less same but the real degradation in ethics is clearly seen in the fourth pillar, which has veered from being neutral to completely one sided, either for or against the government when it should have always been pro people.


    • taureansite says:

      It is unfortunate but true that not all degree/diploma holders are educated. And illiterates are not necessary uneducated. I have met several illiterates whom I found more educated than some university professors.
      The media has always sung praises of people in power and will continue to do so.
      I will be happy if you read my earlier post regarding electoral reforms and share with your friends if you agree that such reforms are necessary for a healthy democracy.

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